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Grab the Reins:  Equine Assisted Growth and Learning
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Welcome to Grab the Reins:  Equine Assisted Growth and Learning. 
Equine Assisted Growth and Learning is a dynamic complement/alternative to traditional therapy, using horses as part of the therapeutic and learning process.  In an interactive process, a mental health professional and equine specialist guide individuals, groups and families through activities designed to develop problem-solving skills, improve teamwork, promote effective communication, identify leadership potential, strengthen relationships, and develop self-esteem.         

Activities occur on the ground - and are not riding lessons.  Rather, activities focus on completing tasks using horses as partners in the process.  The activities and interactions require thinking, planning, and collaboration.  They generate feelings and behaviors that parallel experiences in other areas of life.  The process of the activity encourages us to see behaviors, develop alterantives strategies, and experience success.

The benefits of using horses:
* Develop leadership skills and responsibility
* Promote confidence and self-esteem
* Develop trust relationships
* Develop problem-solving skills
* Enhance creative thinking
* Improve teamwork
* Improve communication
* Have fun while learning 


For more information, please contact us at (661) 857-7260 or

Grab the Reins
(661) 857-7260